Telvida: Building a website for an IT/Software company

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Telvida System International is a telecommunication and solution integrator whose services span from VoIP telephony installation, video Conferencing systems and room automation.

The Company also sells software and render software as a service within various sectors and industries. Its presence is very prominent and its one of the biggest in the industry with a large number of partners and clients under its radar.
Telvida started up in 2012 and had since been growing in size and its number of services.

Being a top unified communication provider in Nigeria with a big number of partners and clients, they operate their service with diligence and offer high-end technology that makes them quite trusted by their clients.

Aside their advanced unified communication services, they still offer other top-notch enterprise solutions that makes their clients better in their business.

They help simplify telecommunication using high profile software and solutions to engineer super fast communication between businesses to enhance their growth and save cost in every ways

They also help transform the way businesses are conducted. Create a seamless engagement experience for employees regardless of their locations, devices, or applications. So they offer services like telephony, messaging, conferencing, contact center, video, and unified communications—all in a flexible platform from that easily and affordably scales as customers’ communications need change.

The Challenges

With such a big number of services and large number of clients, the need for a really robust yet flexible Web presence was needed to present the corporate image to whomever stumbles upon the website via the internet or simply via invitation and interest.

Of course, the company ones had a website which isn’t really great because it’s not flexible enough and also it affects the SEO success of the company.

So the need for a really robust website that is smart enough to contain all information about the company and also for the company to be able to sell its products and services without any direct interference of any sales person.
So the website is supposed to be of 3 segments. Namely…

TVD Screenshot 8
Telvida brand color is Green which is prevalent throughout all the projects

Company Profile

This aspect deals with what the company do. A big list of information on successful projects and pending projects. All which are supposed to be well laid out for users/visitors and potential clients to get a good overview of.

The website being the company’s homepage is also supposed to be the starting and reference point for sales people during meetings making it a very important part of the business marketing model of the company.

So each products and services are expected to have a landing page with the aim of collecting information from users about purchase quote or simply contacting the sales representatives in charge of the website.

Information and data are supposed to be uploaded on this website on a very regular basis all based on the availability of products and services which the company offers.

Apart from these landing pages which are built to give comprehensive details of a particular product and service, there are also static corporate pages of the corporate achievements such as awards won, projects completion and even testimonials from clients who have used the service in the past and present.

Also, there are other standalone products and services developed by the company which have their own cyber identity with a well dedicated website but still, those information needs to be placed on the landing page as part of the product portfolio offered by Telvida.

Knowledge Base

The knowledge base is meant to put la information about some complicated products and how to go about setting them up.

While the Knowledge base is meant for users and clients, the company’s employees too aren’t limited access to this channel.

For example, there is the Telvida University which is a big pile of data and information base center where any employee can access any information about a product and a service.

Installing product and service for client and making things work fine is also part of the purpose of this channel.
While the Knowledge base is somewhat very technical, it’s still a reference point to customers whereby they can understand way more about how they can troubleshoot a product by themselves without having to contact or pay for engineers.


Another integral part of the website is the eCommerce. Of course Telvida sells products and services in form of solutions to help enhance communications.

Most of the products sold are physical products so there is a need for a place where those products can be advertised and sold without direct interaction with sales people right online.

While Telvida also uses third party eCommerce services like Jumia,, Konga and OLX, the need for their own home eCommerce was obligatory for the SEO success of the company’s main site and name.

My Role

My job is simple. “Create the brand and build a beautiful website that portrays our brand image to everyone that visits or stumble upon our website online.”
That was a really big challenge thrown at me at ones.

I was also tasked to optimize the company’s logo and build a corporate portfolio in the form of brochure which sales people can always hand out to clients during meetings physically as well as a digital version of this which can be sent as email attachments.

Apart from this, I was also tasked to build a custom template for the company’s email campaigns which would look identical to the website so that the brand identity isn’t lost at all but all gets intertwined together to showcase the identity of the company to whomever sees it at a glance.

Apart from creating several flyer templates to market products and services that the company sells, I was also tasked to make ads banners which can be placed on third party websites to advertise the company’s website and get link backs for maximum SEO.

So there were loads of deliverables expected from me. I was also tasked to advise on best ways to make the cyber presence of the company more appealing to customers and Netizens altogether.

But the most part is the creative part of the task which involves syncing those banners, flyers and brochures made available right on the website’s knowledge base area where users can just download by themselves a PDF format of such file and then read to learn more about a product in very short but comprehensive digital booklet.


Telvida wants to ensure the website is the face of the company online. They also want it to be a contact and communication point with potential customers without actually having to physically or directly influence such interaction.

That’s why the company expected a very interactive and dynamic website which interacts with customers themselves. They want a website that asks potential clients and customers for their information which can be used to deliver a more efficient service to them as well as others in the same industry as the previous.

That’s why there were needs for few features and add-ons on the website that are obligatory to get customers and clients engaged with the corporation the instant they are on the platform.

Email Sign up form

Rather than taking users to a custom page dedicated just for email sign up, they expect a pop out email form that takes information of users when they input them.

The aim is to build a big list of customers that services and advertisement can be targeted at all for good and high quality service rendering and delivery.

Blog Archive

As a way of giving back to the community the blog aspect is meant for content marketing.

While the company runs its social presence on more than five different social network platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, the need for a fresh content management on a regular basis was obligatory for the relevance of the brand image online and to enhance competitiveness against others in the market.

TVD Screenshot 7
Some ads banners for Telvida product

Social media cross posting

The need automatically post contents especially blog posts directly on social network platforms without being done manually was part of the expectations.

The process is to look for a means to simplify the tasks of the digital marketer by just focusing more on the website and content creation while the contents are being shared automatically through to social media channels without much interference.

Career and Employment portal

The HR section to hire talents to the company. This way, the HR Manager can easily post jobs on the website and potential expert in the field can fill up the form and request interview which supposed to be made seamless and modern as possible.

How I did it

Telvida offers lots of services and those services needs to be well organized and placed for people to see.
One way to do this was to use a Content Management System. Considering the fact that everything that will be on the platform to be content based just in different formats.

So WordPress would be the first CMS that came to mind and considering its ease of use, I decided to go for it. Initially I planned on using Drupal 8 but after presenting it to the Digital Marketer, it was thought to be slightly complicated unlike WordPress interface which was the first option presented.

While WordPress was easy to manipulate to being whatever you’d like it to be, it’s especially easier to play around with by those non-technical people.

After concluding with WordPress to being my base software in building the website, I needed to get inspiration on how to create pages and content rendering to mock the modern day design process.

I went online and looked at other larger corporations that offers IT products and services online. Polycom being a major partner of Telvida was the first that I visited. Their website was very comprehensive and straight to the point.
The other I looked on was Microsoft website then Cisco, Yealink, MTN Nigeria, Globacom Nigeria and Access Bank PLC.

One thing I noticed about these companies websites is that they all went straight to the point of the services and products they render and how those services can be of benefit to their customers.

Access Bank being the only financial institution on the list offers a wide range of services but the rendering of their website was rather too busy and not as comprehensive for the layman.

Polycom and Microsoft were the most appealing to me considering how less busy and simple their websites were despite the huge pile of solutions, products and services they sell.

I Followed the big corps

What I then did was combine both Microsoft and Polycom website design to create my own design for the Telvida website and brand.
Visiting the website is expected to be very easy and straightforward as well as as clean as possible.

With so many information nested within one another, all posts, pages and forms are hierarchical so following trailing links takes you to wherever you’d like.

Accessbank Nigeria website homepage
Access Bank PLC homepage

TVD Screenshot 4
Cisco Homepage

TVD Screenshot 3
Polycom Homepage

TVD Screenshot 2
Microsoft Landing page

Polycom and Microsoft for example

These two companies offers solutions and services to people at different levels and also at enterprise level.
The structuring of their website enables users and potential clients to easily browse through and get an overview or indepth detail about a particular product and service.

Being one of the world most powerful IT companies all over the world, the need for an extraordinary website that is well detailed with information to help users understand the core value of the companies is very necessary.
Another thing about these websites (Polycom and Microsoft) is how their website is well designed with enhanced navigational system.

It’s extremely easy for users to surf through from one page to the other on the websites.
One interesting part of Polycom website for example is the knowledge base aspect where they detail information technically about their products which might be a bit difficult for users to fix.

The result

TVD Screenshot 6
New Telvida Website

After a 2 weeks intensive dedication to building the new website, it was launched and I presented it to the software department who were all amazed considering how it now looked an feels.

First of all, it was very clean with no excess strands of data or white spaces anywhere. The spaces were all well used and the content formation was well organized.

The website now has categorization and heriachy of information all nested right within one another to produce a great looking website.

For example, the homepage doesn’t waste too much time praising the company and how far it had achieved, those were sent away to the “About Us” page.

The homepage was supposed to be the quick overview of what the company do and how it can help the clients, an idea which I stole from other larger corporations like Microsoft and Polycom.

The homepage relays quick overviews of each products and solutions the company offers from their top heriachy.
For example, the “Business Communication” Solution was the top heriachy of other forms of business communication solutions sold by the company which was sub divided into another two sub categories “Audio Communication” and ” Audio-visual Communication” solutions.

Each of these subcategories now have other subcategories that falls underneath them making the content structuring as organized as possible.

Considering the fact that the company is adamant about its color as its own brand, the Green and Gold were well utilized but not too obvious to the point of turning an IT business website into an Agro-Based business website.

Color White was like the intuitive blend between the green and Gold. The gold was used as ribbons on the website’s top edges and on the border edges while the Green was used as Permalinks.

The color blend was a great visual concept the company officials quickly bought into and that progressed the project to the next level of finalising.

Also, the mobile version of the website was really amazing and beautiful on smartphones and even feature phones. All contents were well placed in a responsive manner while the header cleanly portrays the logo and the hamburger menu.

Quick overview

Company name: Telvida International System
Web URL:
Software used: CMS (WordPress) e-commerce (wooCommerce)
Font: Helvetica Neue
Website Model: Microsoft, Polycom, Cisco, Access Bank websites



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