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Mobile App Landing Page

This is a website landing page for an application meant to cater to the needs of those with visual impairments

“Visuo” I hope that’s not infringing any business name because it’s actually not the name of any brand or service instead, a mere concept based on a task required during one of my olden job interviews as a web designer (redesigned in Oct. 2020). The task was to single-handedly create the landing page of an application that will be targeted at people with visual impairment.

To do this, the application’s landing page needs to be well-tuned to suit this need and in order to make this possible, I was required to first create a user persona and some peripheral tasks which are meant to give the task a timeline, a foundation, and base.

I was able to get this done in a matter of hours. The single-landing page has a total of 8 sections which are distinct in their designs and features. Each of the sections is meant to further explain what the user will be getting when they download the Visuo mobile application which can be accessed via Google Play Store or App Store.

If you’re seeking a base design template to create your own app landing page, this might just be the right template for you which you can download all for free at no cost whatsoever.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Also remember to share with your friends and others that might be interested in something like this.


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