SILO Messenger

SILO Messenger is my number side-play template which was designed back in 2019. My intention back then was to design a WhatsApp replica but with interesting features which makes it a standalone mobile social network on its own.

The user interface design is pretty basic and straightforward just like WhatsApp but with some complicated features. First, the look and feel looks more like an Android-based app rather than an iOS application. There are tabbed views and list views as well.

Features include instant messages, joining of groups and making both audio and video calls between different group members. The system also integrate well with the native device’s phone book or contact directory where you can easily add up a new member and they’ll receive a text message on their phone with a link to download the mobile application.

The mobile messaging application template is designed using Adobe XD and Photoshop to create its elements and the inspiration was gotten from WhatsApp.

Feel free to download this beautiful template and let me know what you think about the intuitive design via the comment section below.


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