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My unconditional love for Good music led to the design of this template. My initial intention was to develop the mobile application myself at least for the Android platform but I’ve been procrastinating the idea since 2020 which is why I’ll be giving the design out for free.

This is a Free music player UI template that includes everything needed to create a standard yet classic music application for either Android or iOS platforms. It also comes with support for online streaming and radio/podcast channels based on cyber connection.

The design is based on a unique 3D design inspiration conceived by me because I somehow still prefer a 3D-looking music player which have the nostalgic feeling of the early 2000s music player compared to the now prominent flat designs seen in major music players everywhere on the internet.

First thing is the main music player homepage which has a big circular volume rocker which can be tuned from minimum to the maximum taking the place of the physical volume buttons on the side of the device.

Even though the year is 2021, I designed this application based on the olden Huawei Mate 30 Pro which has no side/physical volume buttons to increase/decrease volume.

There is also the easy to share button at the top-right corner of the mobile application as well as a left hamburger menu which opens up more option for the user to explore more options while using the mobile application.

“Brumcast” is based on the Brumpost’s Podcast which I conceived for the media company back in 2019 as well. This interface is extremely intuitive and really sleek. But moving away from the main page, there are more inner pages such as the playlist and the podcast channels were you can subscribe to your favorite podcast or just add one manually yourself.

I also enjoyed the look and feel of the Equalizer page with its highly unique design. It comes with draggable wheels that can be moved up and down on the screen and buttons to activate one part of the EQ channel or disable it.

In total, the Free music player UI template comes with a number of inner pages which are based on the number of features required to be achieved with the application and most of all, it’s very free to be used by anyone. Just tweak the UI to your own taste and let me know what you think about it in the comment section below.


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