The SILO MarketPlace

The SILO Marketplace s a free flyer template that can be used for anything. Basically, flyers are meant to be used as a point of contact for easy business marketing and this can be your base design with which you can get started easily. The SILO Marketplace flyer comes in three colors which are the main RGB primary colors.

It comes with a number of sections which can be customized to the business’ need. The essence is to enhance your work and make it much more faster to kick start your designs without doing too much.

The design is made primarily using Adobe Photoshop software with many fonts, including Bebas Neue and Montserrat. There are also some custom-made icons to spice up the design.

The design elements are well labelled to help you identify what is going on within the editors UI. Feel free to download the PSD file using the button below but before that, take a few moment to preview what you can make with such a versatile multi-purpose flyer template.


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