Clawng Consult is the foremost business and construction Law Firm with passionate, seasoned and savvy lawyers grounded in business and construction law. They derive pleasure in helping businesses reach their full potentials, by encouraging a preventive culture rather than a curative one. Clawng Consult is a law firm dedicated to the peculiar needs of business owners within the Nigerian construction industry.

It was borne out of the accelerating rate of construction activities in Nigeria and it has become apparent that most business owners are bereft of their legal obligations in a contract and post incorporation. Hence, the establishment of Clawng Consult to provide legal services exclusive to construction related businesses.

RESULT ORIENTED: They believe in delivering results for our clients as it is the hallmark of successful businesses and would like to be part of companies’ success story.

SOLUTION PROVIDERS: They also believe that challenges are somewhat inevitable, but they see past the problem, they always aim for pragmatic legal solutions.

COLLABORATION: They understand that no man is an island. They therefore believe in collaborating with the right people to help clients achieve their business objectives.

The Challenge

There wasn’t anything special as for the challenges considering the fact that I was just building a website with absolutely little to no complex functionality. It was a bunch of landing pages which displays just the information about the company and a bunch of call to action to get users to click through to certain pages especially email collection forms and so forth.Deciding on what color and layout to chose was a bit tricky considering the industry. The chairman of the company, a woman wanted something that is quite feminine yet simple without any ambiguity.

But the main issue with the Construction Lawyers Nigeria was the structure of the company. The company which has its head office in Abuja needed to present a really appealing but easy to find website on the Internet which any client can stumble upon and make enquiries of the legal details of the company.

While some of the process might be manual whereby an agent or via some advertisement, people are sent to get more information from the online website of the company, the need for a really SEO friendly website was necessitated.Also, content structuring, creation and modification on the regular was also part of things they consider.

Being a legal website, the need to upload legal documents that details certain information potential clients was very important. All these were part of the user experience which were obligatory to the successful implementation of the website.

One obvious thing is that the company doesn’t have a brand as at when I was handling the project. For example, there wasn’t a logo, no color and no banner to publicize the company’s image and brand all over the cyber space and even for advertisement purposes on newspapers and TV. But essentially, a website that can be viewed as both homepage and as well as an information portal is what was to be created.

And with that, the need for a more sophisticated but very efficient approach needed to be taken with absolutely reliable software that is yet comprehensive and easy to use by anyone was needed.

My Roles

I was brought on board to design the brand for the company. My role span from creating the corporate banners, flyers and logo to creating a really beautiful and easy to understand website, stick to the font and navigation for the website and color code to help the company stand out.

I was also required to conduct various searches on other companies that does exactly what does to see how I can create an outstanding brand and an image that’s worth reckoning with. Although the company had an existing logo designed by the company’s chief executive, I was informed to see to it and understand how well it could go along with the new image the company or maybe simply create something better.

Aside making big changes to the existing brand of the company, I also create some new ideas from scratch to over simplify the process and create an outstanding brand identity that will make the company stand out from its competitors both online and off the web

How I did it

I’m an avid believer of content management systems and WordPress is usually my number one option for clients that wants to own both an informational and portal-kind of website considering the fact that WordPress is a very robust CMS and yet open source with a very massive audience of both developers and contributors all ensuring the software keep thriving over others.Since simplicity is genius, WordPress was the first software that came to my mind.

With this tool, I’m able to create a really dynamic website that can be modified and updated oftentimes even by the layers without any technical experience whatsoever. Ranging from posts to pages and custom contents, the non-techie lawyers in charge of the website can just come in to swap and or modify these contents to suite their own needs. It’s that simple d straightforward. But coming up with the design and the layout of the website was a bit tricky.

I had to scout for other competitors to see how they outlay their own websites in order to create much unique style that would make the website more amazing and enhance user experience.But one obvious thing I found on majority of the websites online was simplicity. In terms of the choice of color to the choice of design and navigation, all was simple and easy to move through.

After designing the whole website user interface it was time to move to the back to develop the functionalities. As said earlier there wasn’t anything very obvious here other than consuming social network API in order to display contents from a preselected social network site and also a huge form where customers can just file reports online then the lawyers get the information and process upon.

The Contact Form 7

Building these two features weren’t that time consuming. I was able utilise contact form 7 which was a great solution to achieving my goal. Contact form 7 is a free and open source software but a plug-in to the WordPress core software to extend its messaging functionality. What I did with the form was simply collecting information from the user such as their names, email address, mobile number, Address and then the complaint Title and complaint full message with an option to tick it’s relevance.

This relevance will determine how urgent the lawyers are able to react to it or not. If the criteria is ticked to be urgent then the message gets sent above other queued messages within the system assuming there are some already in queue beforehand.

So this gave customers a better experience of enacting urgency in their messages and so the company Admin can easily connect with whatsoever lawyer in charge who will then proceed with the case right after the admin had gotten back to the customer by asking for more information via a telephone call because its an emergency case unlike other services whose responses are usually via email messages.

The Result

A beautiful well polished website as the cyber headquarter office of the Construction Lawyers of Nigeria. A system with which they can easily relay their information to the general public and customers or clients as well get information from new clients in order to proceed with cases or even start new cases without really having to meet one on one at first with those clients was an amazing result of the platform. Also they can now offer advice and teach clients how to protect their rights to own their properties and other construction related subjects.

It was really an amazing platform for the unleashing of these unlimited possibilities that would put the lawyers at the forefront right in front of their clients to offer them the best services that would enhance their lives for the best.

The lawyers were happy whrj their website was eventually unleaded 2 weeks right after the initiation of the project and speed of the project from the start to the finish was part of the awe. As of now, the website gets a great deal of customers and clients through the online platform which is well secured with powerful tools to ensure no security malpractices.

Quick Overview

Name: Construction Lawyers of Nigeria

Website URL:

Tool used: WordPress

Project start date: May 2nd 2018

Project end date: May 2018