As a beginner product designer or web developer or someone who aspire to take this career path in the nearest future, there is need for the right tools and solutions that will enhance your workflow and make things much more easier for you.

With innumerable apps, software and services out there, being able to actually figure out what work best for you might be a daunting task which you definitely don’t need.

However, I’ve gathered below a list of amazing tools and solutions with which you can kickstart your design/development career and excel in your career.

Some of these tools are paid while others offer free-trial with which you can get started.

Design/development tools

New to the industry or you are on the look-out for tools to begin your front-end web development career, below are great tools you need to get started.

Figma Logo

Figma - UI/UX Design

Figma is getting a big momentum nowadays as different companies now require their designers use the system basically due to its powerful collaboration capability

Adobe XD logo

Adobe XD - UI/UX Design

The Adobe XD is a great tool for product designers and its highly intuitive. It's extremely simple user interface makes designing easy and funky and most of all, it's 100% free.

VS Code

VS Code - Web Development

One of the best IDE for web development. The rich software can be used to write any type of programming language ranging from Python, Java, to scripting languages like JavaScript, PhP, and so much more.

photoshop PNG64

Photoshop - Still Designs

This is one of the oldest and most iconic photo manipulating tool out there. Ridden with innumerable features and it can be used for website design, UI/UX as well as other elements needed in your designs.


Draw.IO - Sketches and Illustration

As a User Experience designer, you need to be able to create sketches, illustrations and sitemaps of your the product you're making and that's why you need the intuitive free tool called Draw.IO. It's entirely free and allow you export your output in different formats which can be easily shared

Sketch logo

Sketch - Digital design tool

Sketch is more like the aforementioned tools such as Adobe XD and Figma. It's a great tool and it doesn't matter your level of expertise in the field because it's intuitive and interesting.

PowerMockup logo

Powermockup - UI/UX Illustration

When I first stumbled upon this tool back in 2018, I fell in love with it straight away because of the fact that it integrates directly within the powerful presentation tool - Microsoft Powerpoint. It's a great plug-and-play solution that can get everything done in few clicks.

Canva logo

Canva - Drag & Drop Design

To quickly create still designs with little effort, you can count on Canva to get this done for you. The ultra simple layout makes it easy for complete noobs to use without having to read hundreds of manuals just to design a small element.

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